Bit of an old one, been using this sprite an my avatar for ages. So thought I would post the rest of the expressions I did for him.


Mini Arcade

Progress made on my Mini Mame Arcade Machine.  Everything seems to be working on the internals, so temporarily stuffed everything back into the arcadie housing cabinet (the screen is being held in place by ducktape). The extra buttons and power cable just hanging out the side.  The plan is to make a Nintendo Donkey Kong style mini arcade cabinet (but with custom artwork), but that’s a while off yet. Will keep you all posted on updates! :D





Pac-Man is in Smash Bros! Totally called it as soon as i heard Namco were helping out! Wish they would add Mr Driller as well though!! :D

Messing around with a few designs for a new caveman platform game. One of the best sub-genres of classic gaming!! :D


Morton Jr.

A quick Morton Jr. as i really need to take better care of my Tumblr page! Love that marker brush!! :D

Mktv van Mario kart 8


The awesome MKTV van from Mario Kart 8! Freaking love this game!! :D

Pokemon Art Academy

The game I’ve been working for the past year has finally got a Europe release date of July the 4th, June 19 for Japan and sometime in the Fall for the US! Go Pokemon Art Academy! :D


Famicase 2014

you can now see all of the Famicase 2014 entires (including mine) here:

Famicase 2014 Exhibition!

Hey guys, Been a while!

Here’s my entry into the Famicase Exhibition.


Game Description: 

"The evil Coffee Knight has taken over Doughnut land and kidnapped the Doughnut Princess!! It’s up to the kingdom’s hero "The Mighty Chef" to rescue the Princess and defeat the evil Coffee Knight and make Doughnut Land Sweet again!"

Here are some of my awesome friends in Japan who were actually there!!! :D


So if your in Tokyo, go check it out!!


I’ll be back soon! Just very busy at the studio lately and have some freelance to finish up first!! :D